a hyperintelligent shade of the colour blue
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  • okbjgm:

    so apparently it’s already october first in some parts of the world!

    we’re gonna go ahead and leave this here for you - you can also find it at www.o2stk.com - where you can also buy “the pan universal parental reconciliation” graphic novel!

  • A complete list of every slogan we’ve ever had:

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  • Fill so your followers can get to know you

    State your name: Susannah

    State the name that your parents almost named you: Neil. I much prefer Susannah, I must say…

    Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? Definitely my mum, by a country mile. And a shout-out to my grandfather (her dad), who died 5 years ago now but who was awesome.

    Did anything embarrassing happen this week? Yes. I kind of forgot someone’s existence when talking about us as a group. When said person was standing in front of me. Whoops.

    Do people praise you for your looks? Nope.

    What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? Used to be blue. Seems to be trending towards red. Who knows.

    Do you work out every week? Hah! No. I have promised myself I will try LARP this year, which is kind of like exercise, right? 

    Do you like your smile? Not really. I enjoy smiling it, but hate seeing photos of it.

    Do you like your eyes? Yes - I love how my left one has about a quarter brown in the (otherwise blue) iris. Apparently it’s the eye equivalent of a freckle or mole, and I should watch it in case it starts growing, but I like it. 

    Do you think you are attractive? Not really. 

    How much money is in your account? Not as much as I would like. Going back to being a student again after having had a proper job is hard…

    Are you single? Oh yeah.

    Do you want kids? No. At least… I like kids, and in a way I think it’s a bit of a shame I won’t have any (especially as I’m the only one in this generation on my mum’s side of the family), but I really don’t think I could deal with having any. 

    What does your backpack look like: It’s a cheapo basic red one that I bought for travelling 3 years ago and wore as my front-backpack when I was carrying a rucksack on my back, and since I got back from travelling I’ve been poor and haven’t bought a new one. Also it makes me happy to look at it and remember all the places it’s been.

    What celebrity do you think is attractive? Too many. Let’s say Matt Bomer as an excellent placeholder.

    Last movie you saw in theatres: Guardians of the Galaxy. (But before that, Les Miserables. I really don’t go to the cinema much…)

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  • Michele’s slightly-turned-on-by-violence face = the best.

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    One of the best scenes on P&R.

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